Governor Calvo to GMHA Management Advisory Team: “Identify where the problems are with hospital receivables, to include billings, disputed claims and collections.  In short: find it, collect it, and do so quickly.”

Tamuning — Following the Governor’s direction, the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority Management Advisory Team (HMAT) met with hospital technical staff on Thursday to better understand the systems associated with billings, collections and medical records.
Technical staff from medical records, technology, business and patient registration offices were present to share information and generate ideas that may lead to a corrective action strategy designed to improve the cash situation at the hospital.
After meeting for nearly two hours, HMAT and the team of
hospital staff agreed that significant improvements needed to be made
in three areas:
– Technology systems:  According to Wil Castro, Director of the Bureau of Statistics and Plans, “the advisory team was able to establish that the existing clinical system is incompatible with the revenue system that was installed in October of 2014.  This falls in line with CFA Benita Manglona’s request for assistance from Governor Calvo for additional technology expertise and financial support in moving this corrective action initiative forward.”
– Patient Data: Representatives from the hospital’s medical records, patient
registration and billings offices all agreed that there is a significant gap in patient data.  A substantial amount of monies owed and uncollectible are attributed to missing or erroneous data such as the patient’s legal name, physical address, and other pertinent information.
“At this point in time the advisory team is looking into a uniformed non-medical identification system that may address this as well as other data needs associated with other areas in government such as public safety,” Wil Castro stated.
– Fiscal measures: Based on the data presented and statements shared by management and subject matter experts at the hospital, Chief Financial Adviser Bernie Artero advised that necessary changes in fiscal measures, both policies and procedures, will be forwarded to Governor Calvo for his consideration.  The changes are intended to improve cash receipts at GMHA.
For questions or comments regarding the GMHA Management Advisory Team
or this release please contact:
Wil Castro, Director, Bureau of Statistics and Plans at 475-9661 or or Marie Benito, Deputy Director, Department of Revenue and Taxation, at 635-1816 or

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