Governor Calvo Appoints new D.C. Liaison, Director of Labor, and Deputy for Agriculture
Jay Rojas will now lead Washington D.C. Office of the Governor                
Department of Public Works Deputy Director John Jay Rojas has been appointed to run the Washington D.C. Office of the Governor of Guam. Rojas’s new position is effective June 10, 2013.
Manny Cruz appointed Director of Labor                                                
George Santos retired as the Director of the Department of Labor (DOL) on Friday, May 31, 2013. Governor Calvo appointed Manny Cruz to replace Santos as the director.
Manny Cruz left his post as the deputy director at the Department of Agriculture. He has served as director and deputy director of numerous GovGuam agencies. He will serve as the acting director of DOL until the legislature confirms his appointment.
New deputy director at the Department of Agriculture                                   
Manuel Duenas II replaced Manny Cruz as the Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture. Manuel Duenas is a fisherman who has been a staunch advocate for the sustainability of fisheries and the development of the fishing industry. He has represented Guam as a Chairman on the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council. He currently serves as the president of the Guam Fisheries Cooperative Association. Governor Calvo believes his knowledge in farming and fishing will be a great asset to support programs in the Department of Agriculture.

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