Governor Calvo placed convicted burglar Jason A.M. Lasarus, also known as A.M. Siren, on a flight to Chuuk on the condition that he never return to Guam.
Lasarus broke in to a man’s home and struck him when he was confronted. He was charged with burglary as a third-degree felony and home invasion as a first-degree felony. He would have been free to walk Guam’s streets in four months.
He entered Guam in 2011. He didn’t complete his high school education, nor has he held a job. While in prison, he did not take advantage of educational programs available and was unable to show he could support himself in Guam upon release. He also violated numerous Department of Corrections regulations while in prison.
Lasarus’s name has been sent to the relevant local agencies, federal stakeholders, and airlines as a person not allowed to return to Guam.
The administration also continues to work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to ensure individuals who are removed from Guam are prohibited from reentering.

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