Guam’s friend is now No. 2 person at DoD

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“Bob Work came to Guam with an open mind and a commitment to collaboration with local leaders.  Bob arrived as a federal partner and left a friend.  He was instrumental in the signing of the four pillars in the programmatic agreement.  These conditions preserve Guam’s natural resources, protect historic sites like PÃ¥gat, improve civilian infrastructure, and promise to reduce the overall federal footprint on Guam.  He did all of this good work for us while he was an Under Secretary of the Navy at the Defense Department.  I’m confident Guam’s friend will do more for us as the number two person at DoD.” — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Calvo pleased with appointment of Bob Work as Deputy Secretary of Defense          
A friend of Guam instrumental in protecting Guam’s voice during the military buildup process is now the Deputy Secretary of Defense.  In 2011, Robert “Bob” Work was the Under Secretary of the Navy, and came to Guam to finalize the programmatic agreement, a critical contract between the federal government and the government of Guam that allowed the military buildup process to move forward.
Governor Calvo is excited about the relationship Guam has built with DoD’s now number two, considering Work’s knowledge of and commitment to the buildup on Guam.  Work’s assumption of this position comes just as the buildup is picking up steam.
When he arrived, there was a lot of concern the buildup will negatively affect natural resources and desecrate the ancient village of PÃ¥gat.  Mr. Work assured Governor Eddie Baza Calvo that the Navy was open to these concerns, and formalized commitments he made to Guam’s concerns in the “four pillars” found in the programmatic agreement.  These pillars are:

  1. Shrinking of the federal footprint by the end of the buildup
  2. Leaving PÃ¥gat village and caves untouched
  3. Using a “One Guam” approach in improving infrastructure, so civilian infrastructure is also improved
  4. Employing a “Green Guam” approach to bolster island sustainability and protect natural resources

Secretary Work, along with colleagues like Jackie Pfannenstiel (Former Assistant Secretary of the Navy) moved mountains with bureaucrats at the Navy and DoD to get these pillars that benefit Guam into the programmatic agreement.  He rejoins the Pentagon after serving as the CEO for the Center for a New American Security.  He served as Under Secretary of the Navy from 2009 to 2013.

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