Governor Eddie Baza Calvo met with Guam Water Authority and Guam Power Authority regarding the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority’s utility payments.
GMHA will make a 50 percent payment on the amounts owed with the remaining expected to be paid within the next three months. While terms are still being finalized, GPA and GWA agreed not to disconnect services.
“My Management Advisory Team continues to work with GMHA to find ways to reduce cost and increase collections so we can take care of all of our hospital’s obligations,” stated Governor Eddie Baza Calvo.
“Ultimately, we want our hospital to get to a place where they are self sustaining, or as self sustaining as a public hospital can be. My team has been working on this directly for the last few weeks but they’ve already made some findings that will help us cut costs and improve on revenues.”
Earlier this month, Governor Calvo announced that the hospital is now requiring insurance companies to submit 75 percent of submitted bills within 45 days of receipt. The remaining 25 percent would be subject to negotiation – in following with the current practice.
This week, the Governor approved the Advisory Team’s recommendation to stop paying for an old financial system that should have been retired years ago.
With respect to Bill 237, the Governor thanks the Legislature for wanting to help the hospital. That bill is currently under review by the legal team with the same diligence given to all bills that are passed by the Legislature.

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