JIC Providing Outreach Campaign, Official Info.
Release No. JIC-01
12 p.m., Monday, April 8, 2013
For immediate release
(NOTE: The information in this and every release from the JIC will be provided to all media partners listed below, to all GovGuam and military call centers, to the Mayors of Guam for village dissemination, and to the consulate offices and translators for dissemination in languages other than English)
(Hagatna, Guam) While there is no imminent threat, the government’s Joint Information Center (JIC) is active for residents who have any concerns or want to know more about how to prepare for a disaster and after a disaster.
What is the JIC?
The JIC is composed of public information officers from throughout the government of Guam and the military. This is the group that provides accurate and timely information to the public through radio stations, news agencies, the mayors of Guam, the Emergency Alert System, community partners, and social media.
Reason for forming
While there is no imminent threat to the safety of Guam residents and visitors, JIC is forming for two main reasons:

  1. To provide the public, through an outreach campaign, with information about the North Korea threat, and how residents can be vigilant and prepared in the remote chance of an incident.
  2. To consolidate information from all subject-matter experts and provide the public with the option of receiving their information from an official source via media and social media.

Public Outreach Campaign
The JIC will begin a robust public outreach campaign this week, starting with fact sheets residents can look to about the threat and how to remain safe.
Where can I get my information? Who are the JIC’s media partners?
The media partners listed below will provide information from the JIC:
Receive information and updates directly from the government:
–        CALL: 475-9600
–        EMAIL: info@guam.gov
–        WEBSITE: ghs.guam.gov or epa.guam.gov or guam.gov
–        FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/guam.homeland or search for guam homeland. You can also go to Joint Region Marianas’ Facebook page: www.facebook.com/jrmguam
–        TWITTER: @ghsocd or @jrmguam
 Listen to the following radio stations:
–        Newstalk K57 (between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday to Friday) [570 on the AM dial]
–        Isla 630 (between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. Monday to Friday) [630 on the AM dial]
–        i94 [93.9 on the FM dial]
–        Hit Radio 100 [100.3 on the FM dial]
–        KStereo 95.5 [95.5 on the FM dial]
–        KISH 102.9 [102.9 on the FM dial]
–        MegaMixx 101.9 [101.9 on the FM dial]
Watch or listen to the 6 p.m. news and rebroadcasts:
–        KUAM nightly news at 6 p.m. on Channel 8, with a rebroadcast at 10 p.m. on Channel 8; there also is a 7 p.m. rebroadcast on Channel 11
–        Pacific News Center nightly news (not on the weekends) at 6 p.m. on Channel 7, with a rebroadcast at 10 p.m. on Channel 7; there also is a 7 p.m. rebroadcast on Channel 6.
–        KUAM nightly news at 6 p.m. simulcasts on Isla 630 radio station. PNC nightly news at 6 p.m. simulcasts on Newstalk K57 radio station.
Find information on the following websites:
–        Pacific Daily News: www.guampdn.com or to their site dedicated to North Korea: www.guampdn.com/nkorea
–        Marianas Variety: www.mvguam.com
–        Pacific News Center: www.pacificnewscenter.com
–        KUAM News: www.kuam.com
Find information on the following Facebook pages:
–        Marianas Variety: search for Marianas Variety Guam Edition
–        PDN: www.facebook.com/guampdn or search for Pacific Daily News
–        KUAM: search for KUAM News
–        PNC: www.facebook.com/pncnews or search for PNCnews
–        Travis Coffman: www.facebook.com/travis.coffman or search for Travis Coffman
–        MegaMixx 101.9: search for MEGAMIXX 101.9 KTKB FM
 Get your news from Twitter by following:
–        @pncguam
–        @guamnews_kuam
–        @guampdn
Get text alerts from:
–        PDN: sign up on www.guampdn.com/sms
–        KUAM: sign up on http://www.kuam.com/Global/link.asp?L=395152&nav=menu1679_2
–        MegaMixx 101.9 Text Line: 988-1019

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