“Houses are more than structures.  They’re more than places where we keep our belongings, eat our meals and sleep in at night.  Houses are the center of our families – the place where children are raised, nurtured and guided.  It’s home.  And when the stability of the home is threatened, so too is the wellbeing of the family within.   The Calvo Tenorio administration is strongly committed to building a generation equipped from within to end poverty.  We want to make sure that the health of every neighborhood is strong–a place where all children are embraced, no matter their circumstances.” — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Calvo initiates new building designs, affordable homes available for all          
There will be an entirely new housing market available once Governor Eddie Baza Calvo’s first point of his ten-point plan comes to fruition.  The modern homes that will be used as transitional housing for homeless families also will be developed for house-hunters to buy.  Developers estimate these modern homes will cost between $10,000 and $50,000.
These homes are just as safe and secure as concrete homes, without the burden of the high cost of construction.  These modern structures are earthquake- and typhoon-resistant to standards by the International Building Code. They are homes with kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. They’re also insulated and energy efficient.
In his State of the Island Address, Governor Eddie Baza Calvo announced plans to build affordable homes for homeless families at Guma San Jose.  As a result of this work, innovative designs for affordable homes can now be used for anyone looking to purchase a home, but can’t afford a traditional structure.
On the day of the State of the Island Address, the Governor’s housing team put out an Invitation for Design. This was the first step in providing quality modern homes for the homeless.
Local companies ready to help families with new, innovative designs              
While homeless housing will be located at Guma San Jose, these designs are available to all families.
These developers will utilize ten lots at Sagan Linahyan in Dededo for an Open House.  Once completed, the developers will get to place their model homes on these lots for house hunters to see. Better yet, they’ll get to offer you construction of these homes at these low prices. This activity is expected to spur an entirely new housing market on island.

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