03.12.14 DLM Records
“GuamLandWeb will give you access to land information from the comfort of your homes and offices.  This will revolutionize land records and searches.  It’s just the first step in the governor’s commitment to online services.” —Will Castro, Acting Chief Information Officer
Land Management pilots online land and title search platform                         
You’ll soon be able to access information on land, titles and surveys online.
The Department of Land Management is testing a pilot website that will let you see property information using the internet.  This will cut hours of research time, drive time and manual processing of data and records, revolutionizing land recording processes on Guam.
The official version of the website will provide the following types of property data:

  • Land records, certificates of title, and survey plans
  • Property activity information (identifies property use, such as commercial or residential purposes)

The portal also will provide a subscription service for users who wish to receive regular notices regarding property availability and activity.
The public will be able to view this website once all testing has been completed and a final version of the website program is released.  Stay tuned for the launch of the official website once all improvements from the test run have been made.

 End of Release

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