Hafa Adai Guam!
Governor Calvo is updating the public on the progress of his 10-point plan. This is the group of 10 initiatives the Governor unveiled in the 2014 State of the Island address in February. Here is the latest:
Action Item 1: Build homes for the homeless
The expansion for Guma San Jose involves adding a transitional housing component to the existing emergency shelter program. The emergency shelter program provides housing assistance to homeless families with children for up to 60 days. In addition, the transitional housing component will provide emergency shelter for up to 24 months.
As top priority, homeless families with children will be placed in five recently renovated former teacher staff housing units at Guma San Jose.
Public Health provides funding for the Guma San Jose emergency shelter program and will also provide funding for the operations of the transitional housing component.
Construction for a new emergency shelter to accommodate up to 15 homeless households composed of adult members only is in the planning stages. The Guam Housing Corporation is leading this effort and has identified several potential sites. They are consulting with various homeless service providers and mainstream service providers to develop the program design, i.e., single room occupancy vs. dormitory sleeping arrangements, target population and support services to be provided.
To keep the cost of construction affordable, GHC is exploring the use of alternative building systems, primarily light gauge steel frame systems and other modular metal building systems.
​GHC and GHURA are tasked with identifying funds for the construction, operations and support services needed for this new homeless shelter.
Action Item 2: Build the Rigalu House (temporary home for children in need)
Sens. Tina Muna Barnes, Dennis Rodriguez and Aline Yamashita graciously introduced legislation (Bill No. 332) that provides the property needed to build the foster care home. First Lady Calvo is waiting patiently for land committee chairman Sen. Ben Pangelinan to hold a public hearing on the bill so it can move to the full Legislature for a vote. Once that bill becomes law, the foster care home construction can begin.
Action Item 3: Hire 100 police and corrections officers

  • We hired 6 to become corrections officers in Feb. 2014.
  • We’re in the process of hiring 19 police officers
  • We’re in the process of hiring 18 corrections officers
  • Within the next 2 months, we’ll be hiring another 38 police officers
  • Within the next 4-5 weeks, we’ll be hiring another 30 corrections officers.

Action Item 4: Sue the federal government over its share to close the Ordot Dump
The legislation that will allow the Governor to move forward with this lawsuit is stuck in Sen. Ben Pangelinan’s committee. Sen. Chris Duenas introduced this bill on Governor Calvo’s behalf back in February (the day after the address).
Action Item 5: Pilot a new 24-hour mass transit program
The Mass Transit Expansion Planning Team is working toward a new multi-year, multi-step mass transit service contract that expands mass transit services islandwide. The team is working with Guam Regional Transit Authority, General Services Agency, and the Attorney General’s office. The new system no longer will be a pilot program restricted to one area, as originally envisioned. There will be main lines running throughout Guam, and shuttle services to the main lines from within villages. Sen. Aline Yamashita has been coordinating this massive effort with the help of her team.
Action Item 6: Embark on a year filled with road and bridge projects
(You can find details of the projects listed here at the bottom of this release)
These are the ongoing road and bridge projects:

  • Togcha to Ipan Beach Road Rehabilitation
  • Agana Bridges Replacement & Route 8 Enhancement
  • Asan & Aguada Bridges Rehabilitation
  • Agfayan Bridge Replacement
  • Route 17, Phase 2A Culvert Replacement & Road Repairs
  • Tiyan Parkway, Phase 1

These are the road and bridge projects about to start:

  • As-Misa Bridge Rehabilitation
  • Chalan Lamasu (PL 32-053)
  • Route 26/ Route 25 Intersection Improvements
  • Bile/ Pigua Bridge Replacements

Action Item 7: Move to the next phase of Hagatna modernization
Matrix Design Group competed for and won the RFP as program manager for the completion of the Hagatna Master Plan and its implementation. Efforts are underway to relocate remaining offices at the old Department of Administration building in Hagatna so that building can be razed. Efforts continue for the reconstruction of the Guam Congress Building. Hagatna modernization is moving toward rezoning of the city, and plans for repopulation through commercial, government, entertainment, and cultural activity.
Action Item 8: Begin seizing property for failure to pay property taxes
The Department of Revenue and Taxation recently published the latest list of property owners delinquent with tax payments. DRT and the Attorney General are updating procedures for the first seizure. DRT simultaneously is identifying the first properties for seizure and auction. The first seizure and auction is expected by August.
Action Item 9: Make $100 million in school repairs and modernization
The Department of Public Works is preparing the Request for Proposals for the renovation of Simon Sanchez High School, comprehensive master plan for the modernization of the other schools, and the modernization work for all remaining schools. The RFP should be published within three weeks. The goal is for construction at SSHS to begin late this summer, with simultaneous work to happen with the master plan.
Action Item 10: Institute universal pre-school and a teacher bonus program
Governor Calvo’s budget proposal earmarks $4 million for the Department of Education to use for the planning and implementation of the first year of expanded pre-Kindergarten at public schools. Another $1 million is earmarked for DOE to fund a teacher bonus program. We hope the Legislature keeps these appropriations intact. Sen. Aline Yamashita introduced legislation setting forth a universal pre-school mandate. It received a public hearing, where several voiced support. The bill is stalled in Speaker Won Pat’s committee.
Here is the detail of the road and bridge construction work underway and upcoming:
Update on current road and bridge construction:
Togcha to Ipan Beach Road Rehabilitation
Route 4, Talofofo
Target completion: July 2014
Agana Bridges Replacement & Route 8 Enhancement
Papa, Hagatna
$16.6 Million
Target completion: October 2014
Asan & Aguada Bridges Rehabilitation
Route 1, Asan & Piti
$1.1 Million
Target completion: November 2014
Agfayan Bridge Replacement
Route 4, Inarajan
$4.6 Million
Target completion: December 2014
Route 17, Phase 2A Culvert Replacement & Road Repairs
Santa Rita
$2.6 Million
February 2015
Tiyan Parkway, Phase 1
$7.3 Million
Target completion: April 2015
Information on upcoming road and bridge construction:
As-Misa Bridge Rehabilitation
Route 4, Inarajan
$1.2 Million
Start: May 2014
Finish: November 2014
Chalan Lamasu (PL 32-053)
Start: May 2014
Finish: Aug 2014
Route 26/ Route 25 Intersection Improvements
Dededo and Mangilao
Dededo and Mangilao
Start: June 2014
Finish: January 2015
Bile/ Pigua Bridge Replacements
$3 Million* (Engineer’s estimate)
Start: July 2014
Finish: September 2015

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