(Hagatna, Guam) Dr. Tom Shieh isn’t alone in the growing effort to approve transformative solutions for Guam Memorial Hospital. Adelup woke this morning to news that several hospital vendors have been writing to senators to begin authorizing the Governor’s proposals. Sen. Mike San Nicolas has been holding bills on this issue hostage and refusing to allow the public to hear the facts from the administration through the legislative process.
Citing the bill by Sen. Dennis Rodriguez, Jr. that will pay GMH debt to vendors, one vendor emailed senators, “Your immediate action on this bill is really appreciated. Please let’s not prolong the politics.”
Adelup thanks Sen. Rodriguez for his leadership in pushing this first part of the Hospital Management Advisory Team’s three-part solution to GMH’s recurring problems. “And I want to thank him for inviting the hospital and our HMAT team to the Legislature so that the public can be presented with all the facts,” Governor Eddie Calvo said. Rodriguez is holding an informational hearing tonight on the need for Bill No. 340’s authorizations and on the Governor’s proposal.
The HMAT will take the opportunity to describe the need to expand Sen. Rodriguez’s existing measure to include the second of the three-part solution: funding the construction and modernization of GMH into Guam’s medical centers of excellence.
The timeline for authorizing the bonds, including the refinancing of bonds to produce savings that will pay for these proposals, is short if Guam wants to get the best deal possible. This is why GMH and the Governor’s Office have been trying to reason with Sen. Mike San Nicolas, who was unilaterally keeping the bill from even a public hearing. The last time Sen. San Nicolas did something like this, Guam lost tens of millions of dollars in savings; hardly a billboard for fiscal responsibility.
Please call Troy Torres at 977-0178 for more information on the Governor’s hospital proposals.

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