Governor commends senator for securing support from U.S. DOT
September 10, 2012
Sen. Aline Yamashita today received word from the U.S. Department of Transportation that the federal agency is very much interested in helping Guam build a better mass transit system. Sen. Yamashita made the inquiry to U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood a month ago after she and Governor Calvo raised the possibility of consolidating mass transit services on Guam.
“This idea came about through our education reform initiative,” Governor Calvo said. “I want to thank Sen. Yamashita for proposing this solution. We need a bus system that runs from early in the morning until late at night that can serve everyone. This can solve a lot of our problems. I’m glad Sen. Yamashita was able to secure support from U.S. Department of Transportation.”
The news release from Sen. Yamashita’s office follows:
For Immediate Release
10 September 2012

Efficient mass transit system in the near future 

Last month, Senator Aline A. Yamashita, PhD, wrote to Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood seeking support to create an accessible, efficient mass transit system for Guam.  Recently, the senator received a letter from Peter Rogoff, Administrator, Federal Transit Administration, US Department of Transportation in support of this vision.
“Families First! wrote US Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood asking for guidance and support relative to an efficient, consolidated mass transit system on Guam,” Sen. Yamashita says. “It is with great excitement and hope that we received a response from Mr. Peter Rogoff of the FTA stating their strong support for funding GRTA for all our citizens.”
In the letter, Rogoff wrote:  “The Administration and I support your goal of an efficient and accessible mass transit system available to all citizens of Guam.  This will help us create jobs, spur economic development, and strengthen public safety.  We applaud your ambition and will do what we can to support your vision.  The single most important step is to continue a mutually beneficial dialogue with the Federal Transit Administration’s Region 9 staff to learn more about our agency’s programs and opportunities for which Guam may be eligible.”
Rogoff also acknowledged the progress of Mr. Felixiberto Dungca as the Guam Regional Transportation Authority Interim Executive Manager.  It was announced last week that GRTA secured a $1.3 million grant through the Veterans Transportation and Community Livability Initiative for the establishment of a One Call/One Click Center and for the construction of the proposed Department of Integrated Services of Individuals with Disabilities Community Resource Center.
Dededo Mayor Melissa Savares also shared with the senator, a great idea of a “Park and Ride” development in Dededo to help relieve traffic congestion and heighten traffic safety.
“Together, an overall plan can be determined that will leverage resources and provide efficient, effective transportation with safety as a top priority for all riders as they get to school, to work, to the clinic, to the stores, to the bank, to the beach,” says Sen. Yamashita. “The One Call/One Click Center is a huge success story and there is great excitement about other possibilities the transportation department will provide us.”
Sen. Yamashita will connect with Leslie Rogers, FTA Region 9 Regional Administrator.  She will also ask to meet with Executive Manager Dungca, Mayor Savares, Guam Veterans Affairs Office Administrator John Unpingco, DISID Director Ben Servino and Department of Public Works Director Joanne Brown.
FOR MORE INFORMATION call Sen. Yamashita at the Families First! Office at 648-3474 or email the Senator, directly, at  

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