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Our office provides you the notes of today’s progress report on service improvement in your government. Governor’s Chief of Staff Franklin P. Arriola delivered the report. You can watch the full briefing he gave at 5:30 p.m. today on PBS Channel 12. We are grateful to PBS for recording the briefing and broadcasting it for the benefit of those who are unable to attend these briefings and are interested in knowing what’s going on in the government.

Service Improvements in GovGuam

A Report by the Chief of Staff

April 16, 2012

1.    DRT Tax Filing Satellites
·      DRT will be having 2 satellite locations to file 2011 individual income tax returns. These satellites are the Agana Shopping Center and the Micronesian Mall. Taxes can be filed on April 16 and 17, 2012 from 10am to 5pm at the center courts of both locations. This is to prevent waiting time and long lines at the DRT as all taxes are due April 17, 2012. Drop box at Barrigada until Midnight.
2.    GVB Tourism Arrivals Top 7 of All Time
·      GVB announces that March 2012 preliminary arrival numbers are in the top 7 numbers in the island’s history. Best month of March for visitor arrivals in history as well. 16.3% increase from last year. Guam welcomed 126,377 visitors in March 2012, as compared to 108,702 in 2011. 17,675 difference.x$300.00 = $5.3M
3.GHURA auctions off 13 used vehicles.
·      GHURA: Recently auctioned off 13 used official vehicles. Net sales is $42,630.
Customer Service
Governor’s Office: 4 received calls last week, 7 resolved issues. These calls range from customer service complaints, and constituent suggestions for improvements.
Convenient Services 
DRT: Administering road tests on Saturdays. Since the inception of the program in February waiting time for road tests reduced 45%. Before it took between 5 — 6 months, now it takes almost 3 months. The Saturday road test fee is $15. There have been 145 Saturday road tests administered to date, with $2,175 generated and goes toward OT for staff.
DPHSS: Received 18 new clients for Guam Medicare Assistance Program last week. With only one permanent employee they are trying to recruit 1 to 2 more staff to continue to provide quality service. Medicare counseling appointment waiting time has increased to 5 weeks and fluctuates from to time to time.
DPHSS: FYTD 2012, Guam MAP has assisted 12,479 Medicare beneficiaries.
·      13.6% received counseling between 1-9 minutes
·      36.7% received counseling between 10-29 minutes
·      42.6% received counseling between 30-59 minutes
·      7.2% received counseling lasting over 60 minutes
Due to complex nature of Medicare assistance regarding billing services. Counselors provide information to senior citizens on health care (utilizing covered services), Medicare billing, and help coordinate their benefits.
Online Services
Website upgrades
GVB: Currently in pre-design stage of redesign of their website. GVB Website would better serve visitors, local community, and GVB partners to entice visitors to come to Guam and enhance the brand of our island’s appeal. GVB isworking on the site-map, functionality and user ability to get the information they need without too much hassle.
GIAA: The airport has posted RFPs and IFB’s on their website to publicize business opportunities for services needed. www.guamairport.com
·    Design Services for Storm Water Drainage Systems
·    Creative Design, Production, Event Support Services
·    Purchase and Delivery of Boom Lift and Trailers
·    Utility Power Hardening for Critical Airport Facilities Phase II
Spending Cuts
Rent, custodial services, miscellaneous costs
GVB: Moved out of its warehouse in Harmon to a newly-completed space in the Tumon office. The move will save GVB $2700 monthly in rent, and over $35,000 annually for rent and utilities. The warehouse was being used for storage for inventory and records.
Guahan Ancestral Lands Commission: ALC is in the process of moving from the Tiyan Office to the 3rd floor of the ITC building. The move should be completed by the end of April. The commission looks to save an average of $243 monthly on power. Because the ALC falls under the Department of Land Management, the move will incur no costs.
Revenue Growth or Economic Impact 
DRT: Passport Office collected $138,589 in March. Money to be used for the Tax Collection Enhance Fund and the Public School Library Resources Fund. The $138K was generated by new, renewed, and expedited passports in time for vacation season.
GVB: FYTD2012 shows a 6.9% increase in Tourist Attraction Funds collected compared to last year. GVB has recorded receiving $12.6M.
DPHSS: The department received $3,668 for health certificate issuances, and $343.33 for sanitary permit issuances. 378 Health certificates, 3 sanitary permits, and 1 controlled substances registrations were issued. They also reported $3,591 for Office of Vital Statistics services.
GEPA: Collected $3,500 in various fines relative to Notices of Violation and the Pesticides Program generated $6,502 through soil treatments, certifications, card issuances and Notices of Arrival.
Programmatic Improvements
DRT: Guam had the lowest error rate on returned applications executed for new/ renewal passports despite the minimal staff and office space. The Passport Office received the high review remarks from the Diplomatic Security Service team. Special visit from Wesley Weller, Special Agent-in-Charge of the L.A. Field Office and Matthew L. Golbus, Resident Agent-in-Charge.
GVB: Working with Mayor’s Council of Guam on enhancing Guam Island Fiesta Tour program. Tourist have become more interested in culture and island community. Program has been successful in showcasing “Hafa Adai” spirit to visitors. The Guam Island Fiesta Tour seeks to give a true cultural experience to our visitors through a fiesta hosted in a family’s home. LamLam tours sell the optional tour and busses the tourists to a home in the villages for the fiesta.
GHURA: On April 5, 2012, GHURA received approval of their apprenticeship program. The agency will save $22,400 for maintenance personnel and would have developed housing maintenance personnel. GHURA is in partnership with the Guam Community College where individuals get training in carpentry, industrial safety, and blueprint reading, among other courses.
DPHSS: Guam Medicare Assistance Program is seeking interested volunteers to assist Medicare beneficiaries. Formal trainings are held annually in August.
Community Partnerships

  • GVB, GHRA, IBTF, GIAA, and JGTA (Japan Guam Travel Association) partnership for community cleanup from GIAA, along Route 1 Northbound, to JFK road. This is a beautification project to prepare for Golden Week in May — significant Japanese travel season. The GVB-GHRA-JGTA-IBTF cleanup is on April 21, 2012 from 6am to 9am. Meeting place is at the Home Depot parking lot.
  • GVB, GHRA partnership for PHARE 2012. Presented “WHY LOCAL” exhibit and forum last week Thursday and Friday. Showcased local products and services for tourism industry on Guam. Supporting “Buy Local” movement.
  • DPHSS is conducting a Teen Outreach Clinic every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month from 4pm to 6pm. There is no appointment necessary and you can get STD/HIV testing, treatment, counseling, and education, Family planning services, and pregnancy tests. This will take place on the 2nd floor of the FIC building above A-One Shoe Store in Dededo.
  • DPHSS partnered with Agat Mayor Carol Tayama to provide for screenings and counseling to about 60 senior citizens at the Agat Senior Center on April 12, 2012. They conducted vital tests for blood pressure, height and weight measurements, Body mass Index, Diabetes, and hygiene education. This was at no extra cost to the government.
  • Guam National Guard will be holding a beach clean up, as part of the adopt-a-park program with the Islandwide Beautification Task Force. The cleanup will take place on Apr 19 at Ipan Beach Park. The 94th Civil Support Team and 203 Regional Training Institute will be doing the cleanup.
  •  On April 20, the Guam Air National Guard will be holding a clean up at the San Dionisio Church Historical site/Fort San Jose, Umatac; Guam Air National Guard.
  •  The Guam Army National Guard will be sprucing up the Inarajan Middle School computer lab where there are electrical and safety hazards. The visit will take place on April 20.
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