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Our office provides you the notes of today’s progress report on service improvement in your government. Governor’s Chief of Staff Franklin P. Arriola delivered the report. You can watch the full briefing he gave at 5:30 p.m. today on PBS Channel 12. We are grateful to PBS for recording the briefing and broadcasting it for the benefit of those who are unable to attend these briefings and are interested in knowing what’s going on in the government.

Service Improvements in GovGuam

A Report by the Chief of Staff

April 9, 2012


1.  GEPA: $75 million contract permit review. The new EPA administrator found out that a $75 million AAFB construction project was under EPA review for a year already. This is $75 million in economic activity, and millions in potential tax revenue that was being held up in a lengthy regulatory process. The administrator followed the issue with his regulators, and EPA is now expected to allow the process to move forward some time this week.
2.  Online procurement clearinghouse. GEDA is constructing a website where anyone can view all RFPs and IFBs in the Executive Branch. They expect the website to be activated this week.
3.  Tax filing satellite sites. Residents will be able to file their tax returns at two satellite locations if they don’t want to file at the main DRT office in Barrigada. The department will set up satellite locations at the Micronesia Mall and Agana Shopping Center on April 16 and April 17. Residents can file their taxes at these satellite locations on those days between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Residents can also file their tax returns at the Barrigada main office from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every work day. An after hours drop box at the Barrigada main office also is available now. Residents can drop their tax returns there 24 hours a day until April 17, midnight.
Customer Service
Attendance, response, & behavior

  1. DOC & GEPA counseled employees on attendance, answering phones, returning calls, and responding to email.
  2. DOC also took corrective action to address anger management issues of an employee.

Waiting in line or for service

  1. Airport reduced traffic at immigration from a wait of 60 minutes to as low as 10 minutes for 30% of its passengers (30% of all foreign visitors), who are known as ESTA passengers. They did this by implementing an ESTA (Electronic System of Travel Authorization) lane, automated system helping process visitors. PRE-APPROVAL/PRE-SCREENED TO ENTER COUNTRY. ESTA costs passengers $14, it takes 3 days to process, and you have to have it before you come into the country – optional for Guam. Most (30%) passengers from Japan and Korea already have it. Implemented in the final quarter of 2010.
  2. Airport also introduced barcode reader for baggage, making it faster to accept and sort baggage so customers aren’t waiting as long. Two weeks ago, later part of March. March 28th to be exact.

Convenience to the customer

  1. DYA developed a new protocol (checklist) to address crisis calls and make it easier for clients in need. They have never had one before. This sets up a protocol for employees to mitigate frustrations of distressed callers, and prevents detrimental consequences.
  2. Commission on Educator Certification moved its offices to the School of Education building, making it much more convenient for teachers. Rm. 105

Online Services
Online forms & applications

  1. GEPA: forms available online. epa.guam.gov. some can be submitted online as well.
    1. Air Permits
    2. Solid Waste Permits
    3. Hazardous Waste Permits
    4. Pesticide Permits/Licenses
    5. Land Use permits
    6. Water permits and certifications
    7. Store water and waste water permits and certifications
  2. GHURA: Online housing applications for Section 8 voucher and Public Housing programs. ghura.org
  3. DOE: Exploring online application for Headstart Program; intranet is being developed for staff to access SOPs and forms.
  4. Educator Cert. Comm.: All pertinent information and forms found and downloaded online. Applications cannot be filed online because of accompanying documents needed. gcec.guam.gov
  5. DPHSS: Engaged with vendor to update website. ONLINE app forms soon and submittal. The contracted vendor is already working on stage two of building the website to be more interactive. Will allow for easier access to information. Developing ‘dashboard’-type interactivity, like vital statistics on population with regard to diseases, public health matters. Will allow users to download various forms online. They are working on having online submittal capabilities. dphss.guam.gov
    1. Forms for Guam Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program
    2. Health Certificate Clearance form
    3. Prescribe, Administer Dispense Controlled Substance form
    4. Sanitary Permits
    5. Documents for public assistance
    6. SNAP Interim Change report
    7. Simplified Change report
    8. Child Case calendar
    9. Application for Public Benefits

Finding information & news online

  1. GEPA: Updating website to include agency updates and direct email links to senior agency staff.
  2. DYA: Updated website by adding more links to child servicing agency sites, and revamped Frequently Asked Questions page.
  3. GFD: Made Fire Prevention Fee Schedule available on website at http://www.guamfire.net/docs/Fees/FeeSchedule2008.pdf
  4. DPHSS: Updating website so residents can obtain information for programs and services. Will also update to include press releases and outreach events.

Reporting fraud, waste, & abuse

  1. GEPA: Online system to report fraud, waste, and abuse by agency employees.


  1. GEPA: Activated Facebook account where visitors can access day-to-day updates, including upcoming events, photos, and submit information.

Spending Cuts
Personnel costs

  1. GEPA: Hasn’t filled Chief Engineer position in two months. Savings = $1,500 last week. Senior engineers picked up the slack and acted in rotational basis to provide leadership. Staff is performing more duties without any increase in pay.
  2. DCA: Saved $5,000 last week by continuing not to fill vacated positions. This is $262K annualized.
  3. GPD: Reduced overtime Records & ID section reworked their work week to include duty on Saturdays as part of the 40-hour week. GPD saving $784 a month in overtime. Records &ID once had 30 civilian staff working this office (circa 2005), now they are down to 10.
  4. GPD: Reduced overtime – Volunteers tasked to assist with regular officers to reduce overtime hours. No exact figure, not as much as the Records & ID section, but as the precincts are short of manpower, the Civilian Volunteer Police Reserves are tapped as “part-time” cops to do normal police duties, like issuing tickets, and performing arrests.


  1. GHURA: Reduced training costs last week by partnering with GCC to get training there.

Rent, custodial services, miscellaneous costs

  1. GEPA: Twice a month, staff mows and bush-cuts their compound at their own expense. Savings in custodial services.
  2. DOC: Continued partnership with several mayors providing personnel and lawn maintenance services in schools and villages; tree cutting at Ocean View Middle School; beautification work in community.
  3. DCA: Saving $1500 a month on DVD costs as they have switched to digital satellite. PBS provides for local programming, Chamorro programing, and cultural shows. Their main programming is the Children Block, and news hour. However, they still have a time delay of 9 hours. DCA/CAHA is also saving $50,000 annually with their new offices, which includes a new art gallery. Their old office didn’t include a gallery. Gallery to open sometime in June.

Revenue Growth or Economic Impact

  1. GEPA: Pesticides Program generated $5,000, through soil treatments, certifications, certifications, card issuances, and Notices of Arrival.
  2. DOL: For FY2012, to date, there have been 127 job sites visited, 33 citations issued, $32,425 penalties assessed, and 41 absconders/illegal workers arrested by ICE with Department of Labor referral.
  3. DPHSS: From April 2, to April 4, 2012, the department reported $7,976 from daily cash receipts for environmental health, vital statistics, and other fees. $5,150 from the Office of Vital Statistics.
  4. DPHSS: Received a notice of award for $37,943 from the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services. To be used to support various activities provided by Medicare Assistance Programs. Guam MAP provides services for islands beneficiaries to get information locally.
  5. DCA: The Division of Hagatna Restoration and Redevelopment Authority will be funded by $200K from the HOT Bond, and will be used to fund the development and completion of Phase III of the Hagatna Master Plan to rezone the capital.

Programmatic Improvements

  1. GFD: Finalizing Tough Book (durable laptop with protective covering, touchscreen) training to streamline/automate ambulance billing process; will lead to enhanced revenue growth for the department.
  2. GHURA: Continue to engage in cross-training of staff to increase diverse knowledge of skills required to execute efficiently.
  3. GHURA: Housing Program personnel recently received certification training from Nan McKay & Associates, an approved training and certification company serving the assisted housing and public housing industries.
    1. 4 certified property managers
    2. 17 certified housing specialist
    3. 5 housing quality standard inspection certification
    4. 1 certified in family self-sufficiency program
  4. GHURA: Updating housing program’s policies and procedures to be more efficient and effective.
  5. DYA: Performance-Based Management and Budget Process training. Through program review to improve work process; work to improve effectiveness and efficiencies of prevention, care, custody, treatment and rehabilitation of at-risk youth.
  6. DPHSS: Office of Vital Statistics assisted 613 customers between March 26 to March 30.

Community Partnerships

  1. GFD: Dededo Fire Station adopted Harmon Swimming Pool to keep clean
  2. GFD: Benson Hardware adopting the Barrigada Fire Station in their commitment to assisting the First Responders in their community.
  3. DOC: Completed three week on-the-job training for two Pohnpei Corrections Officers on Corrections Operations
  4. GEPA: Weekly column in the Pacific Daily News; will focus on core missions of EPA.
  5. DPHSS: Collaborated with UOG Student Health services to increase STD and HIV testing to college students on campus.
  6. GHURA: Established relationship with Kurason Ysengsong; group of family and youth community service providers committed to improving the neighborhoods and lives of residents in Kaiser, Dededo.
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