Leaders hopeful summit theme, “The Ocean Unites Us,” will strengthen regional commitment toward a “One Micronesia” voice

March 14, 2012
Local leaders and regional dignitaries convened the 17th Micronesian Chief Executives’ Summit at the Sheraton Laguna Resort Guam moments ago.  Governor of Kosrae, Lyndon H. Jackson, Chairman of the 16th Micronesian Chief Executive Summit officially turned over the Chairmanship of the summit to Governor Eddie Baza Calvo.
Governor Calvo welcomed His Excellency Emanuel Mori, President of the Federated States of Micronesia; His Excellency Johnson Toribiong, President, Republic of Palau; His Excellency Christopher Loeak, President, Republic of the Marshall Islands; The Honorable Benigno R. Fitial, Governor, CNMI; The Honorable Sebastian L. Anefal, Governor of Yap State; The Honorable John Ehsa, Governor of Pohnpei State; The Honorable Johnson S. Elimo, Governor of Chuuk State; and The Honorable Lyndon H. Jackson, Governor of Kosrae State and all leaders voted unanimously to adopt the summit agenda.
“Today we look at a “One Micronesia” approach.  There are many issues and many challenges,” Governor Calvo said.  “It’s not about discussing challenges, it’s about coming up with solutions.”
Governor Calvo highlighted Micronesia’s proximity to the second largest economy in the world: Asia.  “We need to take full advantage for our region.  It’s my hope that we’ll use this ocean to unite Micronesia, to make it better for our children and even better for our grandchildren.”
Economic sustainability, workforce development and renewable energy top the list of concerns expressed Micronesia’s chief executives during their opening remarks.
“This is a new era for the Micronesia region,” said Governor Anefal.  “We cannot do our best if we don’t demand the best from ourselves.   We need to collaborate. We need to have a sense of openness.  We are a team.”
“I can assure you that the RMI is fully committed to a partnership to meet our collective goals,” said President Loeak, who joins the Micronesian Chief Executive Summit for the first time.
CNMI Governor Fitial spoke about creating a lasting effect for the region through the MCES. He said it comes down to, “building success for a day or leaving a legacy for a lifetime.”
The 17th MCES, as with previous summits, provides an important opportunity for leaders to come together to discuss issues facing the region and develop strategies to improve the quality of life of citizens throughout Micronesia.
This summit’s agenda will focus on various topics such as economic development, workforce development, healthcare, tourism and renewable energy.
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