Hafa adai!
We created a flier for families and schools to use to learn about a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. On the left side, we included telephone numbers to organizations that can help people struggling with addiction. The right side has a few tips parents can use to talk to their children about being drug-free.
The following is taken from Governor Calvo from his Facebook page (Eddie Baza Calvo):
“Yesterday I had the great honor of joining students, law enforcement, and Chief Judge Frances Tydingco-Gatewood in the fight against drugs. Together we proclaimed Red Ribbon Month.
Watch this video (Click Here),  and you’ll see us talking about drug abuse and thanking law enforcement for their pledge to protect our families from the burden of drug abuse. We spoke franklin about how drugs eat at the Guamanian Dream.
We’ve got to win this battle. It’s for the soul of our island.
The end of the video is my favorite part. You’ll see students reciting the Student Pledge to be drug free:
“’I pledge to stay in school and to learn the things I need to know. I pledge to make the world a better place for kids like me to grow. I pledge to keep my dreams alive and be all that I can be. I pledge to help others and to keep myself drug-free.’”

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