Hagåtña, Guam – The Leon Guerrero-Tenorio Administration issues the following statement on  Resolution No. 215-37: 

“Everyone knows GMH needs urgent help. But, this resolution is just like the Republican approach to providing that help—it says a lot but does absolutely nothing.

Five of the six Republicans in today’s Legislature are veteran politicians who have served in that role years before—some going back to the ’90s and early 2000s, yet not once did they call for a State of Emergency when the Calvo administration lost GMH accreditation or the Camacho administration couldn’t afford epidurals.

We need a new GMH. And the Republican senators who have introduced this resolution also blocked the construction of a new hospital at the Eagles Field on property that the Department of Defense was going to lease to GovGuam at no cost. 

Now, DOD is going to use that property for something else and there is still no site for the construction of a new hospital. We call upon the Republican minority to work with this administration and the Democrat majority to find a new piece of land and help fund the construction of a new hospital. The United States Army Corps of Engineers has already evaluated the current hospital and determined that it would be more cost-effective to build a new one than to repair the existing one.”


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