Hagåtña, Guam – In an opinion issued today, the Guam Supreme Court upheld the Organic Act’s grant of ultimate authority to the Governor in the regulation of quarantine, holding that the Legislature’s attempt to limit the Governor’s quarantine policy was inorganic and void. 

“This is a hard-fought victory for the people of Guam and a win for our community members who have done what was needed to keep one another safe from this deadly virus. While this is an unprecedented pandemic, the court has acknowledged my executive authority to protect our people from the importation of COVID-19,” said Governor Leon Guerrero. “My quarantine policies have always been guided by science and my medical advisors. If it is necessary to expand quarantine protocol again, the full scope of my authority and responsibility will be clearly understood. Even as we approach herd immunity, it is important to continue being vigilant due to the threat posed by the emerging variants–the impact of which cannot be determined at this time.”


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