Attached are photos from Governor Calvo’s trade mission to Taiwan. In the first photo, he is sitting with President Ma. In the second he is presenting Mayor Hau with a copy of “Seeing Guam through Our Eyes.” Photo Courtesy of Amoretta Carlson, Bank of Guam

Calvo establishes and further solidifies economic relations in Taiwan
Governor Calvo returned from a hugely successful trade mission to Taiwan, Republic of China, this weekend. As a result of this mission and months of campaigning for investments, several businesses will be on the ground soon to invest millions in different industries.
Governor Calvo and his delegation held a seminar on investment opportunities and government procurement. Over 90 people attended the seminar with interests in construction, tourism, real estate, green energy and the EB 5 Immigrant Investor Visa program.  Governor Calvo and his delegation also met with businesses one on one in an effort to invite them to Guam and further establish an economic relationship.
Several businesses are committed to begin operations in the near future on Guam in the following areas:

  • Solar energy production
  • Green house agriculture technology
  • Restaurants
  • Real estate development
  • Retail services
  • Airlines
  • Construction

Huge emphasis is being placed on large-scale development and affordable housing for future opportunities for foreign investors.  Governor Calvo’s team will continue to work with these companies to assist them along the way in opening their doors locally. This will allow for employment opportunities and diversification within Guam’s business profile.
President Ma
Governor Calvo’s Trade Mission was also highlighted with visits he paid to Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou, Taipei City Mayor Dr. Lung-Bin Hau and the President of the Legislative Yuan, Speaker Jin-pyng Wang.  A common message among Taiwan’s leaders was the desire to continue to, economically and socially, align themselves closer to the United States. Mayor Hau has committed to providing Guam with insights on how Taipei addresses its solid waste management, and agriculture/aquaculture technology advancements. Governor Calvo and his delegation also met with dignitaries of the American Institute in Taiwan.
Additionally, Director General Paul Wang from the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office on Guam played a major role in developing Governor Calvo’s busy agenda in Taiwan.
Director General Wang worked hand in hand with the Guam Economic Development Authority in the coordination of logistics and security for the trade mission. Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (GEDA’s equivalent) also played critical roles in making Governor Calvo’s trade mission to Taiwan such a success.
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