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In today’s news, you’ll find stories on the Tiyan Parkway getting off the ground, how the police spoiled the criminals’ murder and robbery plots, the unsealing of a federal drug indictment against 12 people, more mass transit buses coming to Guam, along with JACK IN THE BOX! ALSO: Lots of local sports!
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Progress on Tiyan Parkway
PDN article – Tiyan project moves forward – by Gaynor Dumat-ol Daleno
GPD prevents murder & robbery plot
PDN article – Plots to rob, kill foiled – by Cameron Miculka
KUAM story – Raid and arrests thwart planned robbery – by Krystal Paco
12 people face jail for drugs
MV article – 12 charged in illegal drugs conspiracy – by Gina Tabonares-Reilly
KUAM story – 12 named in unsealed federal drug case – by KUAM
COMING SOON: Jack in the Box!
PDN article – Jack in the Box is ‘coming soonish’ – by Gaynor Dumat-ol Daleno
PNC story – “Jack in the Box” Coming to Guam – by Patti Arroyo
More mass transit buses
MV article – GRTA looking to acquire more buses – by Jasmine Stole
Sports news from the weekend!
GSPN – High school third quarter recap – by Robert Balajadia and Michael Cruz
GSPN – Amateur baseball weekend recap – by news release
PDN – Hawks advance in All-Island – by Jay Leon Guerrero
MV – Bragging rights earned by GDOE coaches – by Matt Weiss
PNC – Team Legacy Hosts Japan’s Blazecats and Wins – by Frankie Perez
PNC – Sensei Steve Cujic Visits Guam Kyokushin – by Eric Rosario
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