Transition Committee Releases Reports
No public funds used for transition effort; committee thanks 150 volunteers
Press Update: February 4, 2011
Dan Tydingco and Jerry Cristostomo, Calvo Tenorio Transition Committee co-chairmen, provide the transition committee’s reports. These are the reports from the 11 sub committees.
Tydingco and Crisostomo are particularly proud of the sub committees’ efforts and grateful for their service. The entire transition process was completed without receiving a single cent in funding from the government. This is funding that normally is supposed to be appropriated and released for gubernatorial transitions. Governor Calvo and Lt. Governor Tenorio, after receiving preliminary reports of the government’s financial condition in early December, did not want to use public funds for the transition effort.
Instead, nearly 150 people volunteered to execute the transition between administrations. The Governor, the Lieutenant Governor and the transition executive committee thank these volunteers for their leadership. The results of their efforts are contained in the attached reports.
Download The Expansion and Military Build-up Report
Download The Finance Report
Download The Guam Buildup & Economic Development Report
Download The Healthcare and Mental Healthcare Report
Download The Infrastructure and Land Report
Download The Political Status & External Affairs
Download The Safety Report
Download The Transition Cover Letter

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