Press Release No. 8 Storm Expectations
October 5, 2014 (7:30 p.m. ChST)
Damaging and destructive winds and rains are coming even faster to Guam. Typhoon Vongfong has sped up and now is expected to make its closest point of approach to Guam between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m.
In the event that damaging and destructive winds cause power outages GPA crews will be out to repair any part of the system that goes down. Every household should be ready with candles, lighters, matches and flashlights. Keep your battery-operated radio and spare batteries nearby.
Strong winds also could cause power outages.
Report all power outages or fluctuations or downed power lines: Guam Power Authority dispatch at 475-1472/3/4.
In the event of a brown out, power spikes or power fluctuation, shut off your main breaker and contact GPA dispatch.
If you see a downed power line, consider it live and KEEP YOUR DISTANCE.
Guam Waterworks Authority is prepared to switch wells and pumps to backup generator power.
If you have a water outage or sewage backup:  Guam Waterworks Authority dispatch can be contacted at 646-4211.
There is at least one report of flooded roads in Piti. Route 1 by Polaris Point has been reduced to two lanes, one north and one south bound.
Stronger winds could topple shallow-rooted trees and bring down weak tree branches, blocking roads.
You can report flooded or debris-blocked roads to your respective mayor’s office.
Homeowners and business owners/managers are encouraged to prepare their homes and businesses for the onset of damaging winds.
Loose tin roofs could be sent flying, and should be secured. Loose outdoor items can become airborne and become a projectile.
Poorly constructed buildings and homes could be damaged.
If you need to get to an emergency shelter but need transportation, call your mayor’s office.
If power goes out, internet and telephone services may also be disrupted.
Landline telephones that don’t rely on internet cables should still be operational even without power.
Use battery-operated radios for latest information on the typhoon.
All GovGuam agencies will be closed tomorrow. As such, Guam DOE won’t have classes. The University of Guam and Guam Community College also will be closed.
Some residents have asked about trash pickup. The Guam Solid Waste Authority will be closed tomorrow. Services are expected to resume on Tuesday.
Information on trash pick-up, call 646-3111 or visit them online at
There still is time to prepare. If you don’t have your supply kit already, please ensure you have:
non-perishable foods
bottled water
first-aid kit
battery-powered radio
extra batteries
can opener
prescription medicine
baby food
If the power goes out tonight, you can tune your radios to:
93.9, I94
95.5, KStereo
97.5, Power 98
101.9, MegaMix
102.9 KISH
105.1 The KAT
570, K57
630, Isla63
For more information on the storm, call the Joint Information Center at 478-0208/9/10
For emergencies call 911

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