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“The Guam Museum is important to our island’s rich history.  From the first layer of concrete to the last tile laid, every brick symbolizes the long journey of our people.  The closer we get to opening the museum, the closer Guamanians are to a place worthy of showcasing our unique culture.”
Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
“One day soon, our children will have a place to learn about the generations before them.  Tourists and former Guam residents alike will return home with a greater appreciation for our home.  We are laying the foundation not just for the new museum, but for a new era in our lives.”
— Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio
First steps in actual construction around the corner                                                  
Once Inland Builders receives its Notice to Proceed, the company can launch a series of steps that will take the museum from a concept on paper now, to the pouring of its foundation and the capping of its roof.  The company is ready to take the first steps, which is to start the process of ordering construction materials after the NTP is issued.
NTP expected next week                                                                                                 
The Guam Economic Development Agency will be issuing the Notice to Proceed (NTP) for the full construction phase of the Guam Museum.  The NTP is pending final review of the contract, which requires the signature of the Attorney General and the Governor.  GEDA believes the NTP will be ready by the end of the month.
Construction jobs available                                                                                             
Inland Builders Vice-President Rey Del Carmen said they will hire more workers for this major project.
“My team and I have a great sense of pride being chosen to build such a monument to Guam’s history. We also hope to contribute substantially to our island by employing a number of qualified local residents skilled in construction, and partnering with local suppliers,” he said.
Construction timeline                                                                                                          
Inland Builders estimates it will take 15 to 16 months to complete construction.  This means the government expects to open the museum by December 2014.
Artifacts coming home                                                                                                     
Important pieces of our history are scattered all over the world.  Cities with Chamorro artifacts include Acapulco, Mexico; Washington, D.C.; Madrid, Spain; Milan, Italy; Rome, Italy; Paris, France; Sydney, Australia; and Honolulu, Hawaii.
Joseph Cameron, President of the Department of Chamorro Affairs (DCA), said many of these items will finally return home. “Some of our island’s most important artifacts will be repatriated and be displayed at the GCEF for our younger generations to learn from.”
In order for the process of repatriation can begin, the GCEF must meet or exceed the standards of accreditation from museums that currently hold some of Guam’s treasures.
“I certainly want to dispel any concerns any Museum has in Guam’s ability to safeguarding these.“ said Cameron.
Cameron added a lot of work has gone in to creating the exhibits to be featured within the Museum. “The non profit organization, Guam Museum Foundation, Inc.’s Educational Quality sub-committee has worked diligently with DCA along with exhibit designer Barry Howard to ensure the historic accuracy of each exhibit as well as creating an entertaining and exciting journey through the Museum.  I am confident that both visitors and residents will be impressed.”
For more information on the Guam Museum (dba) Guam Chamorro and Educational Facility or other HOT Bond projects, please contact GEDA Administrator Henry Taitano at 647-4332.

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