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Governor Calvo appeared on The Buzz with Jess Lujan last night after the KUAM nightly newscast. They discussed the Governor’s recently-released health report. The report revealed many interesting trends on our island, including the decline of smoking and the increase in physical activity and healthy eating.

We attached the report for you to see.

Lujan also asked the Governor about his interview with Fox Business News.
Lujan specifically asked the Governor how he responds to critics who said all the Governor did was transfer debt from the people to a bond. “Two-thirds of that deficit was in tax refunds that were owed to the people. This was money that was owed to the people. It was their money. In fact, there was even a senator who said he’d rather owe the people than the bank. The people didn’t want to be the bank.”
Click here to watch the first half of the interview on The Buzz.

Here’s the second half of the interview.
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Read the Healthcare report here: SOTI Healthcare final

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