64 of the world’s top youth table tennis athletes.

34 countries.


1 international competition.

A first for the Oceania region:

The Guam 2012 World Cadet Challenge

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Players in action & welcome dinner at Govt. House


(Hagatna, Guam) Links to two videos of the International Table Tennis Federation Guam 2012 World Cadet Challenge follow. These links are to the YouTube channel set up for this challenge: www.youtube.com/guamworldchallenge.
You can watch the first video, labeled 2012 Guam WCC Welcome Dinner, by clicking here. This video is a compilation of shots taken at the Welcome Dinner hosted by Guam Governor Eddie Baza Calvo and his wife, First Lady Christine Calvo, at Government House Saturday evening. An interview was taken with ITTF Deputy CEO Glenn Tepper, and portions of speeches from Governor Calvo and ITTF Executive Vice President Petra Sorling also are shown, along with other footage. Transcriptions of the interview and the two speeches are below.
You can watch the second video, labeled Guam 2012 World Cadet Challenge, by clicking here. This video is a compilation of the athletes practicing at the University of Guam Fieldhouse. The video also shows footage of sponsor emblems.
TRANSCRIPTION of interview & speeches in first video:
Glenn Tepper:
“First time I came here was in 1993.  I was the Oceania Development Officer — I was just starting work as a part-time development officer and I found of course, the people are still equally friendly and hospitable, but I see a lot of development has happened in Guam since then.  So…a lot of progress, I guess.
“We gave Guam a test last year.  We allocated the Junior Circuit Event to Guam.  ITTF has about 30 Junior Circuit Events world-wide per year, with at least one in each continent.  So, Guam hosted the Junior Circuit event last year, and we were very impressed with the organization, so we decided we’d let them try for a World Title Event.  This is a great honor for Guam because it’s the first Oceania country to ever host a World Title Event in table tennis.
“The Cadet Challenge is a quite unique event because we have six continental teams; plus the host, in this case Guam; plus the World Hopes Team; which is an under-12 [years-old] team, the best, talented under-12s from around the world.  So it’s quite a unique event.  One of the things we do is have a three-day training camp before the event actually starts.  This is very good because first; each continental team is only allowed one player per country, so first they have to learn how to cooperate as a team, and then every session they train with a different continent, so they have to learn how to cooperate with each other from different continents.  So, it’s not only good for their table tennis, but it’s a social learning exposure for the young children, as well.
“Welcome to Guam — to the World Cadet Challenge, the first world title event to be held in the Oceania region.”
Governor Eddie Baza Calvo:
“This is the first time we’ve had the opportunity to welcome so many, from so many parts of the world — all four corners of the globe.  It’s an honor to have you here.  This is a very special event.  It’s about you young athletes: the future of your nation and of your continents in the world. 
“What we believe is so important, and why we want to show you this hospitality, is because of the importance of what you’re doing right now.  Because of your individual athletic abilities and what you’ve done, you have the opportunity to reach a point where you are peaking in an athletic endeavor, with the best in the world.  And that’s a testament to your hard work, to your families, and to your training.  And that’s what this is all about.  But also, most importantly, what this is about, is for all of you. 
“You are the future of this world.  You come together, from all parts of the world.  Your teams come together and compete.  But there’s also fellowship and friendships that are made.  Different cultures, from all parts of the world, come together in events such as this.  And that’s also a very important, important message from this tournament.
“For our part, in this little piece of paradise in the Pacific, we welcome all of you.  We look forward to very exciting games over the next few days.  And we are celebrating your achievements.  So with that, I want to welcome you, wish you a fond Hafa Adai, and over the next few days, we want, of course ,we want you all to succeed.  But in the end, you will be bringing not only athletic competition, but you will be bringing fellowship, camaraderie, and new friendships that you’ve found from around the world.  So with that, on behalf of the people of Guam, we want to welcome you, and we look forward to the exciting games in the days ahead.”
Petra Sorling:
“For Guam, this is the first time as an organizer.  And I’m very sure of this evening: Guam will be very well-known all over the world after these events.   I would like to thank the Guam Table Tennis Federation, and the Governor’s Office Employees Association, and of course our sponsors, for this event.  I would like also not last, and not least, to warmly welcome our players and wish you the best of luck in the event.  I do hope you will take the opportunity to mix it up in an atmosphere of friendship.  Let the game begin!  Thank you.”
Please call Phillip Leon Guerrero, Deputy Press Secretary for Governor Calvo, at +16719297467.

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