Hafa Adai!
This week, Governor Calvo devoted his weekly address to touch on the pain and eternal peace of death, and the connection between grief and Easter.  You can view the address by clicking here, or read the text of the message below.  The Governor recorded this address Friday. The connection to Sunday’s tragedies is a coincidence.  Governor Calvo, First Lady Christine, Lt. Governor Tenorio, Attorney Shimizu, and their families extend their deepest condolences to the families of the victims of yesterday’s tragic event.
Remembering Our Loved Ones
By Eddie Baza Calvo
Governor of Guam
Hafa Adai – My Fellow Guamanians,
“Adios esta’ki uma’lie hit talo,” a Chamorro phrase of endearment that brings hope to loved ones that will see each other again…to express their love and care once more.
We use it to say ‘good-bye’ and see you soon. Our island is deeply rooted in family and friendship. We all share a closeness, not just in proximity, but we’re all connected.
I’ve experienced the pain of death in my family, and we all know…everyone will too. I like to think it’s God’s way of choosing his angels to look after us. They are our protectors, making sure we’re on the right path.
It’s always difficult when a loved one passes away. Whether it’s your best friend, a close family member, or a friend of a friend, there’s a sadness. But, our loved ones are never really gone. I like to focus on the memories I had with them. I like to remember them at their happiest, with a big smile on their faces, enjoying life, and being with the ones they loved.
I try to make it to funerals. I know the overwhelming feeling of never seeing someone who meant a lot to me again. Sometimes it’s unbearable, but like I said, it’s the Lord’s way of saying, “come home, my friend.”
He has a plan for all of us… and he calls us home when it is our time. Really, we’re not just saying, ‘adios.’ We’ll see them all soon. We should rejoice in the fact we’ll see them again. But, what we have now are the memories we had with them — the good times, the late night talks, the wonderful meals we shared, their joy, and their love.
Easter is this week. It’s a time for us to reflect on the blessings from the Lord. It’s a time for us to ponder the true meaning of sacrifice and penance. Jesus died so that we could live. He died so that we can love one another, and spread the Word of His love throughout the world. He doesn’t want us to dwell in sadness. He wants us to celebrate our love for one another.
This Easter, reflect on the memories you have with your loved ones who have passed. Go with the comfort that you will see your loved one again in paradise. A sacrifice made to show us that love conquers death. Happy Easter, my fellow Guamanians! Peace be with you always.
Adios, Esta’ki Uma’lie hit Talo…

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