Hagåtña, Guam – During a ceremony on Thursday, Governor Lou Leon Guerrero administered the Oath of Office to five new members of the Guam Ethics Commission. After a 23-year hiatus,
the Leon Guerrero-Tenorio Administration revived the commission through Executive Order 2019-06.

Each of the five members has been confirmed by the 35th Guam Legislature. They are:

1. Robert Jack, MD, Ophthalmologist at Island Eye Center
2. Shannon Murphy, former journalist and Managing Editor at Guampedia
3. Meg Tyquiengco, President of Energetic Presence and retired manager of Xerox
Corporation Guam
4. Donnalyn Camacho, Certified Fraud Examiner and Board Designated Bank Secrecy Act
(BSA) Officer for ANZ Guam, Inc.
5. Marilyn Roberto, Vice President of Enterprise Sales at Docomo Pacific

“Our Administration is delivering on our commitment to transparency and accountability, and the revival of the Guam Ethics Commission is just one means of ensuring we stay true to the
government we promised to the people. Our appointees represent a very talented and diverse
group of private sector professionals who I am confident will perform as an independent,
qualified body to ensure each of us is held to the highest ethical standards,” said Governor Leon
Members of the commission cannot be Government of Guam employees or have any immediate
family employed by the Government of Guam. During their first meeting, which will be
announced at a later date, members will draw for their term lengths.
A sixth member is pending confirmation by the Guam Legislature while a final seat remains

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