FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – April 4, 2019 Governor Signs Guam Cannabis Industry Act of 2019 into Law Hagåtña, Guam – After careful and thoughtful deliberation, Governor Lou Leon Guerrero today signed Bill 32-35 or the Guam Cannabis Industry Act of 2019 into Public Law 35-5. Public Law 35-5, the Guam Cannabis Industry Act, legalizes cannabis for adult use, authorizes the island to build a regulated cannabis industry, and allows for home cultivation for personal use. “This is the first step for Guam to build a responsible and regulated cannabis industry,” said Governor Leon Guerrero. “Over the next year, rules and regulations will be drafted to provide the necessary governance for the industry as it is stood-up and I am confident that with the right people in place, our island will benefit from a well-regulated cannabis industry.” The law requires the Governor to appoint a Cannabis Control Board, which will draft rules and regulations over the next 12 months to govern the possession, consumption, sale and distribution of cannabis. The draft rules and regulations will be submitted to the Guam Legislature and are subject to the Administrative Adjudication Process. The Legislature, after an additional public hearing, may accept, amend, or reject the draft rules and regulations after 90 days. “I’ve met and heard from many in our community—both those for and against adult use cannabis. I’ve also heard from healthcare experts and we’ve had substantive conversations about cannabis. While I understand the concerns and empathize with those who called for the bill’s veto, I also sympathize with the many patients in desperate need of medical relief. Some of them have had to travel off-island while others have been waiting for years for safe access to cannabis. Meanwhile, the black market sale of unsafe, unregulated cannabis continues to thrive in our community,” Governor Leon Guerrero said. The Governor emphasizes that there are several misconceptions about cannabis and a stigma associated with its use. “I know change can often make people feel unsettled but if we can fix these problems by educating our community, regulating the industry and enforcing safe access and use, we will no longer be paralyzed by the injustices of illegal sales of a product that’s known and proven to have beneficial effects,” Governor Leon Guerrero stated. In addition to signing Bill 32-35 into Public Law, Governor Leon Guerrero issued Executive Order 2019-11, requiring Government of Guam employees to abide by Drug-Free Workplace policies which continues to prohibit the use of cannabis. Government employees, while acting in their official capacities, may not possess, consume or otherwise be under the influence of any derivation of cannabis. The Governor also underscores the restrictions in the law, particularly as it applies to our youth. Anyone under the age of 21 found to be in violation of the law or anyone caught providing access of cannabis to underage individuals will be penalized. “Only law-abiding adults – who already must make responsible decisions on whether or not to consume alcohol or tobacco products – will be afforded another choice: whether or not to consume cannabis products,” the Governor said in her transmittal letter. Governor Leon Guerrero also acknowledged that the legislation is not perfect and that future policy may be able to help strengthen the new cannabis industry and further safeguard our laws. “Understanding that, my Administration is dedicated to not only fulfilling all of the requirements to regulate the cannabis industry, but also to actively work with this Legislature to ensure that the body of law surrounding safe adult consumption of cannabis remains current and relevant for our island,” she added. ### For inquiries, contact Janela Carrera, Director of Communications, at 488-1408 or


Executive Order No. 2019-11 – Relative to the Government of Guam’s Drug Free Workplace Policy

19.04.04 – Letter to Speaker Barnes re Public Law 35-5

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