Good morning,
The Governor continues to encourage senators to move on the two bills to help Simon Sanchez High School and other schools with summer repairs. The video to his address is here:> and the transcript follows below.
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Hafa Adai everyone,
It’s near the end of June and I was heartened to see that the Department of Education is moving forward with the repairs to schools using the $1.5 million it requested from the administration.
But it is unfortunate that the Legislature has yet to move on releasing the more than $500,000 that DOE officials have asked of them.
As most parents know, the summer goes by so quickly. One second the kids are playing in the sun, and the next we’re rushing to the stores to buy uniforms and school supplies.
The superintendent and his team are moving full steam ahead to make the repairs that are needed this summer before the new school year begins in August.
I just hope the senators are able to do their part and help ensure that our public school system gets the additional appropriation they need to do other repairs this summer.
Biba Guam! Biba Guam DOE!

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