Hagåtña —  Twenty-one of the Governor’s nominations to boards, commission or agencies have yet to be confirmed by Senators who lead legislative committees. 

Two of those nominations were made last year – one to the GovGuam Retirement Fund Board of Trustees and the other to the Board of Allied Health Examiners.  The Governor’s office transmitted the packets to the Speaker’s office, which sends it to the Committee on Rules for dissemination to the appropriate committee. 

“We need to know what’s going on at the Legislature. Most of these nominees are people from our community whom we, as a government are asking to volunteer their time and professional knowledge in the pursuit of a greater Guam,” Governor Calvo stated. “It is unfair to have any of these nominees waiting for so long for a response.” 

Adelup is asking Sen. Regine Biscoe Lee for documents that show when she, as the co-chairperson on the Committee on Rules, disseminated the packets. 

Why has it taken Senators in the Democratic majority so long to do their jobs? Speaker Cruz has said the Legislature ultimately has two duties: passing a budget (preferably one that is balanced) and act on the nominations from the Governor to boards, commissions, or agencies. 

We look forward to Sen. Lee’s response. 

Perhaps once we know why their system isn’t working efficiently, we can help them fix it. We are here to help.

To see a copy of the FOIA from the Office of the Governor, click here.

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