Sept. 13, 2018

Hagåtña — Concerned with the situations of many of the families displaced by Typhoon Mankghut, Governor Calvo today reached out to Department of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and Federated States of Micronesia President Peter Christian. 

A majority of the 52 families requiring shelter in the aftermath of Typhoon Mangkhut are members of the Federated States of Micronesia. Governor Calvo has started the ball rolling in helping ALL of the families currently seeking shelter at the Astumbo gym but is asking the U.S. and FSM government to assist as well. 

“As the Marianas struggle today in the aftermath of Typhoon Mangkhut, some of the very topics you and I discussed are impacting Guam’s disaster recovery and resiliency,” Governor Calvo wrote. 

He noted that through the Compact of Free Association between the United States and the FSM governments, Guam today is home to many migrants from throughout Micronesia who are seeking to improve their lives, continue their education, and find employment to support their families. 

“Our FSM national population has contributed much to Guam, and we respect our deep cultural and historical bonds with regional nations,” Governor Calvo wrote. 

“We seek assistance for any relief the Department of the Interior may be able to provide to us to help the FSM nationals who are among those of us impacted by Typhoon Mangkhut.  As a gauge of need, close to 300 FSM nationals are currently in a Tier II FEMA certified shelter provided by the government of Guam.  The shelter is a high school gym.” 

In his letter to President Christian, Governor Calvo reiterated the situation these families find themselves in. “We are reaching out to you for help today because FSM nationals residing on Guam do not quality for assistance from the United States federal government.” 

He added that Guam is committed to “doing our utmost to care for all of our people who were affected by Typhoon Mangkhut. But because the aftermath of this typhoon is stretching the resources we have to call upon, we ask you to consider if your government may be able to share in helping to provide much-needed assistance for our FSM nationals on Guam who are not covered under FEMA.”

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