February 21, 2018

Hagatna – Chief Environmental Public Health Officer Tom Nadeau of the Department of Public Health and Social Services testified in support of employees and fair compensation, and not in support of Bill 244 – introduced by Speaker Benjamin F. Cruz.

“After hearing the concerns of my staff, I felt compelled to come here,” said Tom Nadeau. “Reducing the salary of Government of Guam employees, as proposed in Bill 244, is not the way. The anticipated shortfall is not just a government problem, but it is everyone’s problem – since we all utilize government services. It should be a shared responsibly among the entire population of Guam,” added Nadeau.

Nadeau quoted concerned staff members, including a single mother who used to be on public assistance, but is now able to sustain herself through earned compensation in salary for her work. He also added that she may be unable to continue working if Bill 244 becomes law.

“Reducing salaries of government employees to a pay plan of 1992 is not just. I can’t understand why the cutting of salaries on government employees are deemed an acceptable option,” added Nadeau.

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