March 26, 2018
Hagatna – Fu’una Rising in coalition is comprised of several women-owned small businesses, members of the National Association of Women in Construction Guam #381, the Dept. of Corrections, and Honorary Advisor First Lady Christine Calvo. Named after the Chamorro goddess of creation, Fu’una Rising was formed to raise funds and teach skills for the female inmates of DOC.
First Lady joined Fu’una Rising again at their Pizza Pop & Power Tools event on Saturday where the ladies learned safety training, plumbing, tile setting, carpentry, heavy equipment operation such as mini excavator, back hoe, and forklift. With help from the Guam Contractors Association Trades Academy and other local trades people, the females created a tile wall, and several large plant boxes that will serve as garden beds.
Programs include encouraging women inmates to explore construction skills and careers, attain certifications, and develop other life skills in preparation for their return home. 
“We learned a lot of new things together, and I am just grateful to be an integral part of their rising,” said First Lady Christine Calvo.
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