January 29, 2018

(Hagåtña) — GMH serves their mission in saving lives, providing medical service to anyone who walks through the doors, and makes do with the limited resources they have. 

The Legislature’s job is to supply GMH with the funding they need to fulfill that mission. 

Today’s hearing on Bill 230-34 drew hundreds of people from the community, GMH employees, individuals interested in the health of the hospital, and representatives of the business community. Bill 230-34 is the latest collaborative effort by GMH, Adelup, Senator Rodriguez and Speaker BJ Cruz to seek a steady source of funding for GMH, which is perennially faced with an average of a $30M annual shortfall in spite of requests for adequate funding each year.

“GMH’s fees are still below industry standards, and are still significantly outdated because most rates were established in the early 90s,” said Benita Manglona, GMH Chief Financial Officer. 

GMH Administration and staff have been presenting the hospital’s situation at meetings with residents at mayor’s offices, community centers, and non-profit organizations’ gatherings for the last several months.

Additionally, the GMH team, together with Adelup, had worked on other solutions, which were sent to the Legislature for Senators’ consideration. Unfortunately, nothing came of them. This latest effort, Bill 230, is a compromise bill worked on by GMH, Adelup, Speaker BJ Cruz’s office and Sen. Dennis Rodriguez.

“GMH, with the help of Governor Calvo and this Administration, has made a number of proposals to this legislature. GMH has done its part. The Legislature HAS TO DO ITS PART. The ball is in your court, and time is of the essence,” said Manglona. 

“For those that support to finally address the needs of the hospital, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and for those who don’t want to be part of the solution of modernizing and providing the needed subsidy, you should STEP DOWN, I think you should resign,” as Manglona ended her passionate testimony.

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