June 29, 2018
Hagåtña – Adelup questions the intent of Senator Dennis Rodriguez and Senator Frank Aguon.
In response to the special investigation committee that was assembled by gubernatorial candidate Dennis Rodriguez, and expanded recently by gubernatorial candidate Frank Aguon to include GPD
Governor Eddie Calvo stated, “These investigations, seem more like a public witch hunt at the expense of the professional men and women in law enforcement. The irresponsible actions and words being spread through the community, appear to be politically motivated and do more harm than good. The Administration has always worked for the betterment of this community and public safety remains a high priority.”
Chief of Police JI Cruz thanks Governor Calvo for his consistent support of law enforcement personnel and echoed the Governor’s sentiments with the following statement today, “I have always been transparent. These hearings on GPD are unnecessary and may potentially jeopardize ongoing criminal investigations.”
Chief Cruz questioned the motive of the senators behind the hearings and recent actions by their campaigns, “If Senator Rodriguez is truly concerned about public safety, I question why he has allowed his political advisor to compromise the good work of the Mandaña Task Force and expose officers lives to danger by posting their photos online. Whose side is he on, the side of the law or the side of the criminals?”
Chief Cruz welcomes investigations.
“My message to this election season is very clear, ‘Senators, stop campaigning on GPD’s time,’” Governor Calvo said.
Rodriguez Politics & Misinformation Campaign
Senator Rodriguez’s political advisor / operative recently held a press conference claiming that forged emails impersonating public officials came from the Governor’s Director of Communications, an allegation that she vehemently denied. When she announced she would be taking the matter to the FBI, his political advisor quickly retracted the claim and instead blaming Senator Frank Aguon’s office as the source of the emails. The matter is currently under investigation.
More recently, Rodriguez’s political advisor / operative appeared on social media making false claims that police officers had forged the signature of a Superior Court Judge on a search warrant. The allegations were false. It was reported in the Guam Daily Post that the Judge in question addressed the issue broadly, “saying an accusation that a judge’s signature is forged is a ‘serious matter’ that cannot be taken lightly.” The Judge added “while there is freedom of speech in America, there is also ‘no freedom from the consequences of free speech’.”

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