A man who is charged with raping a minor has been transferred into federal custody for deportation.
Michael Sosich Katsuda, also known as Michael Rabun Katsuta, was sentenced in 2010 for first-degree criminal sexual conduct as a first-degree felony. He pleaded guilty to raping a girl known to him. He was sentenced to 10 years with two of those years credited for time served. Katsuda has been in and out of trouble with the law prior to his 2008 arrest for CSC. He’s been arrested and/or served jail time on different occasions for DUI, terrorizing, family violence, and assault.
Governor Calvo commuted his sentence to trigger the start of the deportation process. The Department of Corrections transferred Katsuda into the custody of U.S. immigrations.
“This is another win for the people of Guam who do not have to worry about this man, and others like him who have broken our laws and hurt Guamanians — children, women and men of Guam,” Governor Calvo stated.
“The people of Guam deserve and have the right to walk onto the streets of this island in safety. It’s unfortunate that we have criminal elements in our community.
“I want to thank the men and women of the Guam Police Department for everything they do to keep our community safe. But it gets frustrating for them to see criminals get arrested, be released back on to our streets, only to hurt someone else and end up behind bars again. For those instances where we can do something about that rotating door, we had to do something. Non-U.S. citizens who break the laws of this island and this country should not be allowed to remain on Guam!”
When the Governor started this initiative to remove criminals from our island earlier this year, his biggest critics were local politicians. Members of the Democratic majority said the Governor should NOT be taking these measures. They tried to twist it to fit their political needs.
Senator Michael San Nicolas, instead of asking how can he help to ensure the people of Guam are made safer, criticized the Governor’s efforts. He wanted to keep these criminals on Guam. Some of those removed or deported hurt other children, assaulted women, and one killed a woman and her unborn child.
San Nicolas remarked: “This is a horrible way to grab headlines … it looks like some elected officials would rather be cheerleaders then (sic) leaders on this issue, as getting re-elected on a popular position appears to be more important that (sic) policy impacting the people of Guam is actually sound.”
FACT: The Governor is not running for re-election. 
“Even if I did have an election coming up, I would take the same action. Why? Because no one was doing anything about this. This is not some sort of political ploy. This is the safety of our community that we are talking about,” the Governor stated. “I am glad that we have a new partner in the federal government. They are working with us to protect our residents. This sends a message to our people that we are looking out for them and if it means finding new solutions and thinking out of the box, then we’ll work to do that.”
Katsuda is the 14th criminal either removed from Guam or deported through the Governor’s initiative. That’s more than $600,000 saved for local taxpayers who fund the $119 a day or more than $43,000 a year to house each individual at the Department of Corrections.

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