NEWS: Governor talks plebiscite
During his last State of the Island address, Governor Calvo announced his commitment to self-determination. This year, the Governor spoke against legal uncertainties that may delay our quest to self-determination further.
The Attorney General has yet to an opinion on the 70-percent provision in the plebiscite law, which states that 70-percent of the native inhabitants eligible to vote must be registered in order for the plebiscite to happen. The Governor also pointed out that a federal case challenging the plebiscite adds to the challenges of determining the future of our island.
“There is the possibility that our right of self determination may be forbidden by a court of the very government, from whom it is our right to decolonize,” the Governor said during his address. “If that happens, senators, we must be prepared to petition the other branches of the federal government to secure the right of our people against this continuing subjugation. I, for one, will not turn my back on the Chamorro people.”
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