NEWS: Governor to introduce bill to fund GMH
During his State of the Island address, Governor Calvo announced he would be introducing a bill authorizing $100 million in financing to modernize Guam Memorial Hospital.
“All we need is for this Legislature to authorize the capital investment, and we will break ground on a plan that will renovate all the patient areas, expand clinical services, and give everybody in need access to cancer, diabetes, and heart care,” the Governor said during his address.
The bill is not only an investment into the island’s only public hospital; it’s an investment into the people of Guam, ensuring GMH is able to provide quality services.
The Governor also mentioned the bill will go hand-in-hand with Senator Rodriguez’s proposal for greater insurance coverage for working families.
“To hell with the politics. Caring for people in need is the Chamorro thing to do,” Governor Calvo said. “…I support universal coverage, and I’m open to financing solutions to make it happen.”
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