NEWS: Groundbreaking for Foster Children Emergency Home tomorrow
After years of discussion and work, construction of the emergency shelter for the island’s foster children will soon begin.
A 3-year journey that started as a desire to help the island’s most vulnerable in a time of tragedy will become a reality.
First Lady Christine Calvo started the effort through her Rigalu Foundation, which she created in 2011. In 2014, she and members of the Rigalu Foundation’s board went before the Legislature in an effort to provide a home for the foster children in Tamuning. The legislation was intended to transfer Chamorro Land Trust Commission land for the proposed foster care home in Tamuning. One would have thought that this effort, especially on an island where children are treasured and family ties are important, would have received very little opposition.
However, Bill 332-32 failed.
Undeterred, the Calvo Tenorio administration and the First Lady remained committed to helping our island’s foster children and property in Barrigada was found.
The First Lady has held fundraising efforts to help furnish the building to make it a home for our foster children. The groundbreaking ceremony will be held at 10:30 a.m. at Barrigada. A press release with photos and videos will be sent out, and the ceremony will be streamed live on the Governor’s Facebook page on
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