The Governor’s Office this afternoon received the Guam Minimum Wage Study required by Public Law 32-229. The 180-page study and the addendum are being reviewed.
The study is an analysis of Guam’s economy following the 2015 minimum wage increase to $8.25, and the impact employers and workers experienced as a result.
“From what I have read, in a cursory review, the report reflects several areas of concern from both employers and workers as we look at increasing the minimum wage in the future,” stated Governor Calvo. “Input from the community should be included as we discuss this further in public hearings.”
While employees said they would like to see an increase, they also were worried about job security. Of equal concern were employee benefits, according to the report.
Employers seemed to want to maintain their current staffing levels. There seemed to be a general consensus amongst employers that the increased personnel cost, resulting from a wage hike, would be passed on to consumers. They were divided, however, on whether they would reduce the number of employees, employee hours and/or benefits in light of a minimum wage increase.
“My office continues to review the report. I look forward to the public discussions that will be held as we consider legislation on the minimum wage,” Governor stated.
The study was completed by Market Research & Development, Inc., with input from staff at the University of Guam and University of Washington.

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