NEWS: Parks & Recreation renovates island gyms
May 23, 2017 (Hagåtña) — The Guam Department of Parks and Recreation is renovating recreational facilities throughout the island as part of it’s continued effort to provide safe and clean environments for residents.
“Last year, prior to the Festival of Pacific Arts, we renovated 16 restrooms at the various parks, along with the Hagåtña swimming pool,” said acting Director Bill Reyes. “Now we’re looking at the gyms at each of the villages.”
While several gyms have been closed because of the extent of the work being done, we have other gyms that remain open with only sections of the gym being closed off as contractors work.
“We currently have the gymnasium at the Guam Sports Complex open and IIAAG tournaments for fourth quarter sports were held there, as well as schools who used it for practice. We also recently started a volleyball tournament with Foneni Achocho Sensu,” Reyes added. “So we’re doing what we can to make sure we continue to provide the community with a space even as we move forward to make improvements for safety, health, and overall enjoyment at our facilities.”
Parks & Rec is also renovating pavilions at smaller parks within its purview throughout the island. A ribbon-cutting ceremony is being scheduled for the Inarajan Pool Park, where contractors renovated the main pavilion, barbecue pit, and expanded the parking space and opened up the access.
Acting Governor Ray Tenorio commended Reyes and Parks & Rec for their efforts, saying the gyms and island parks serve as a center of teaching and celebration.
“The gyms are a place for our athletes to showcase their skills as well as to teach the younger generation the life lessons that come with sports — teamwork, leadership, discipline, perseverance, and just overall healthy lifestyles. And the parks are a place where we can come together as friends and family to enjoy the beauty of our island,” acting Governor Ray Tenorio stated. “The team at Parks & Rec continue a great service for our people and both Governor Calvo and I thank them for all of their hard work.”

  1. Yigo, Astumbo, Guam Sports Complex, Tamuning, Barrigada, Yona, Talofofo, and Agat Gymnasium – Island-wide Gymnasium Renovation Project.
  2. Inarajan, Aputgan (Alupang), Asan Memorial and Tepugan (Fish Eye) – DPR Park Renovation Project.
  3. DPR Guam Sports Complex – Walking/Jogging Trail Lighting Retrofit Project.
  4. DPR Hagatna Central Park (Hagatna Pool and Tennis) – Parking Lot Lighting Upgrade Project.
  5. Guam Sports Complex – New Construction of Baseball Field Press Box/Restroom facility.
  6. Paseo Baseball Stadium – In-field Turf Restoration Project.
  7. Tiyan upper, Tiyan lower and Guerrero field – Furnish and Install New Electronic Scoreboard at 3 locations.
  8. Guerrero Baseball Field, Paseo, Ukodo/GDOE Baseball Field, Tiyan Football Field, Tiyan Lower Softball Field, Tiyan Upper Softball Field – Relocation of 11 each portable bleachers to various sites island-wide.

Teens shoot some hoops at the Guam Sports Complex this afternoon. The gym is still open, though areas of the gym are closed to residents for renovation.

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