November 30, 2017 (Hagåtña) – Senator Regine Biscoe Lee has the authority to ensure that the public has an opportunity to discuss two bills that could help the Guam Memorial Hospital save lives.
Just last year, Senators rallied in protest when a single senator refused to hold a public hearing on bills, instead of allowing fellow senators and the public to voice their concerns and ask their questions. The media reported one Senator as saying:
“No one senator could ever have that kind of power, we are a deliberative body, our people elect 15 senators and so we must work in that fashion.” — Sen. Dennis Rodriguez Jr.
The Rules chairman stepped in, pulled the bills, and referred them to other relevant committees.
The request for a public hearing on Bills 141-34 and 142-34 would allow for all 15 senators to engage, face-to-face (there was another senator who said this would be her preference), to discuss these healthcare bills.
Senator Lee ran her campaign on “strong families, strong Guam” — we believe that a hospital that is able to help support strong families is worth discussing. Senator it is within your ability to, at the very least, ensure a public hearing is held so that the public can come together and discuss the bills. Do the right thing and hold a public hearing.

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