Governor Eddie Calvo calls senator back into session at 7 p.m. today to address the third bill, authored by Sen. Esteves.
Today, in session, the Legislature has let down the people of Guam and failed to pass a funding measure that will avert a 32-hour workweek, provided GMH a dedicated funding source, help public schools, and keep fire stations open. 
The Governor expressed deep disappointed with those senators who did not support, or compromise on a bill that would pass. 
The senators who voted to stabilize government, support DOE and provide a dedicated source of funding for the hospital are Senators Wil Castro, Tommy Morrison, Louise Muna and Fernando Esteves.
After weeks of public hearings, committees of the whole, Special Economic Service (SES) meetings, and session, senators today, yet again, FAILED. They failed to pass a solution to help an ailing GMH and avert a 32-hour work week for thousands of government employees.  
In addition to the 20% pay reduction working families will be taking next week, other government services will also begin to shut down, including fire stations. 
“The consequences of inaction will trigger a domino effect on government employees, government services, business sales, and our island’s economic health. That is why I’m calling the legislature back into session with a third compromise bill, authored by Senator Fernando Esteves,” said the Governor.
This third bill is yet ANOTHER iteration of a compromise. It adds a 2% sales tax, as opposed to a 2% BPT increase. Private sector business leaders have also proposed a sales tax increase.
“We are in a state of emergency, working families are on track to lose their incomes and fire stations are shutting down. This requires emergency action by the Legislature, and we cannot afford to fail our people again,” the Governor said.  
The Governor’s authority, through the Organic Act, allows the Governor to call the legislature into session waiving a public hearing in cases of emergency. 
“If senators are concerned about the livelihoods of thousands of Guamanians and the public safety of our island, they will move on this bill expeditiously,” the Governor said. “Pass a meaningful bill, so that we can avert the crisis at hand.”
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