March 4, 2018

Hagåtña — In the next six months, the Government of Guam is short an incredible $67M and the Guam Memorial Hospital is short approximately $30M every fiscal year. Despite the announcement and implementation of federal tax cuts in January and multiple solutions introduced, the legislature has not passed a solution that will fund the Government of Guam.

Q. Lawmakers and community members have questioned why the Administration is taking drastic measures like shutting down public safety precincts. Some have implied that the crisis is being manufactured. What is your response to this?

A. If a household knows that it will lose a significant amount of income the next six months, and no money is coming in to replace this, it must cut costs — no matter how much cash they have. This is responsible and prudent action and it ensures that the family has a roof over its head, food on the table, and the car isn’t repossessed.

The Government of Guam is no different. Government cost-cutting measures that are being put in place by the Administration are intended to help maintain government services and, at the very least, delay payless paydays or a shutdown of government. The Department of Administration has said everyday we go on without a bill that provides necessary funding, we get closer to payless paydays or shutdown. There is no longer a choice, unless the legislature passes a bill to address the severe funding shortfall.

Q. Why hasn’t the Legislature passed a Bill to address the fiscal crisis.

A. Unfortunately, it appears that some senators either don’t understand government finances and the urgency before us, or worse yet, don’t care.

Q. What can I do to help?

A. Call your senators to pass a bill to fund the shortfall.


Cruz, Benjamin J.F. 477-2520/1

Terlaje, Therese 472-3586

Lee, Régine 472-3455/6

Ada, Thomas 473-3301/2

San Agustin, Joe 989-5445

Nelson, Telena 989-4678

San Nicolas, Michael 472-6453

Rodriguez Jr., Dennis G. 649-8638/0511

Aguon Jr., Frank 475-4861/2

Espaldon, James 475-4546

Morrison, Thomas 478-8669

Torres, Mary 475-6279

Borja Muna, Louise 969-9852/9853

Castro, William M. 969-1225/6

Esteves, Fernando 969-3376

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