March 6, 2018

Hagåtña — As working families have lost employment via non renewals of employment documents, fire and police stations remain closed, thousands of government employees are on track for furlough, and the government is on credit watch, senators failed again to pass a bill to address the incredible $67 million fiscal crisis.

“I am deeply disappointed with the failure by the legislature to pass a bill and address the fiscal crisis,” Governor Calvo said.

They continue to fail the people of Guam.

Instead of focusing on the magnitude of the fiscal crisis, freshman Sen. Regina Lee and Sen. Frank Aguon chose to focus their time on petty amendments that Sen. Lee admitted were “micro cuts” to the budget. The cuts amounted to about $200,000 against the $67 million shortfall. They either don’t understand government finances or they are more interested in hurting people – as opposed to finding a solution for our island community.

After being absent from session a whole week, Senator Mike San Nicolas continues to ask for more time to catch up.

“Because the Legislature has failed to take any meaningful action after months, I will be calling them back into session to shorten the furlough timelines. Absent a bill with a solution from the Legislature, more cuts will have to be made,” the Governor stated.

“I want to thank the three senators who voted on the bill. Sen. Tommy Morrison, Sen. Wil Castro, and Sen. Louise Muna who understand the bigger picture and the enormity of the situation our island faces.”

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