In a Guam Daily Post article published Jan. 28, Sen. Frank Aguon, Jr. stated he didn’t believe Bill 230 is a viable solution to GMH’s problems – that we need to work together to improve patient care.

Yet while hospital employees, patients, concerned citizens, former lawmakers, business leaders and more filled the Legislature’s public hearing room to share their thoughts today, Sen. Aguon was no where to be found.

Sen. Aguon has already taken a stance on a major issue, without taking the time to listen to the community’s input. He claims we need to work together – but he couldn’t even make the time to attend today’s public hearing.

Sen. Aguon is right: “We can no longer continue business as usual at Guam Memorial Hospital.” But if he truly believed that, why couldn’t he be bothered as a member of the Committee on Health to attend today’s hearing?

Physician leadership at GMH was disappointed with his absence.

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