Håfa Adai all!

Attached is Governor Eddie Calvo’s weekly address.

Link: here
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Transcript below to read along.

Thank you!

Hafa adai my fellow Guamanians, 

We continue reaching out to national leaders and to veterans from Guam and U.S. Territories in the hopes that these men and women who fight for the freedoms and democratic way of government are given the right to vote for the leader who calls them to arms. 

The people of Guam and other U.S. territories don’t have the same rights as our fellow Americans living in the states. And yet, we are among the most patriotic of the nation. 

I am calling out to all of our veterans, to our Congresswoman, and all Guamanians to join in this fight. Let us correct this policy of democracy denied – at least for our veterans who sacrifice so much so that we can enjoy a life of freedom and peace.  

Un Dangkolo na si Yu’us Ma’åse.

Thank you. 

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